Pairing the eco conscious with high quality sustainable essentials to breakout from their fast-paced lives. Reflect on yourself, your inner circle and the environment.


Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic.


Made from durable ceramic, a natural product of minerals and water (clay).

Silicone Sleeve

Silicone is from silica, which is a product that is derived from sand. The silicone sleeve on our cup offers a non-slip protective cover that is easily cleaned and reusable. 

Single use coffee cup waste

5,000 single-use coffee cups are thrown into landfill every single minute. Single use cups are most often not recyclable. Breakout from the consumer routine and take your reusable odcuple cup on your next coffee break.


A 2 cup a day coffee drinker will use 730 single use cups or 1 odcuple cup over the course of a year.